The Year That Was…..

Now that the year has come and gone, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on the year that was…. 2011, outside of the kitchen. Here’s my top eight (it’s my lucky number) in 2011 (in no particular order, I’m too indecisive for that).

1) Riding the bus. Probably don’t hear that often but it is the best place to read, as long as you don’t get sick. I was able to get through so many great books in a year just by reading a half hour or less each way on the bus.

Some of my recommendations: Her Mother’s Hope and Her Daughter’s Dream both by Francine Rivers. Atonement by Ian McEwan. The Paris Wife by Paula McClain. And so many more….

2) Okay, technically, this is my number 1. I mean seriously, cutest – cat – ever and he’s mine….

3) Every day after April 15th and before August 15th and the Holiday Season (Nov-Dec). Some of the best weather, well not April or May or June. Most importantly, it means I take lots of vacation and work more regular hours.

4)Hiking. Do it, lots of it, I did in 2011 and look forward to even more in ’12. This shot below is from Mt. Pilchuck in the Northern Cascades. I get goosebumps thinking about all the beauty and that it was all made by the One who made everything in the universe. Woah. Go explore it for yourself.

5) A good cry. My sister used to always tell me when I was in middle school and high school that I never showed emotion…. After dealing with various boys through college and taking on a new stressful and busy job (see 3 above)…. things have changed. I mean sometimes you just have to let it all out. Usually, my mom, dad, and sister have to take the brunt of it, God bless them. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…. cue Kelly Clarkson.

6) This photo. This is Hunter, my family’s nine year old chocolate lab. I’m not prejudice… I just have the best pets ever, no competition. My favorite picture taken so far with my new camera. 

7)Potlucks. I’m in a bible study and it’s given me my first real exposure to potlucks, and we have lots of them. I mean you get to try so much great food, get full, and only have to make one thing! It’s also a great time to try something new and super fatty, so you don’t have to eat it all. 🙂 Just make sure you can try it first… that’s a whole bunch of stress, waiting for the suspense of someone taking the first bite and it’s not you.

8) Travelling. Well, this will be on the list for eternity. You learn and experience what just can’t be done at home. This year was full of domestic travel including Colorado and Texas (twice). It is so great to have the best friends and family all over the country.

Here’s to a sweet, joyful, successful, love filled 2012.