“Semi-Homemade” Mini Cupcakes

Last weekend, one of my best friends came in town for her bachelorette party.

Becky and I really enjoyed our time sitting in traffic. 🙂

Other than the traffic, we went to the zoo, went shopping, took a break from shopping for Trophy Cupcakes, and of course there was a bachelorette party! It was busy and sooo much fun.

I had the pina colada cupcake with rum buttercream. It had a layer of sweet pineapple on the bottom. Uh-maz-ing.

For the party, I gladly volunteered to make a sweet treat and as time flew by, I realized that maybe semi-homemade was the way to go.

What exactly is semi-homemade, you ask?!?

Ask Sandra Lee from the Food Network. She is a semi-homemade genius, not to mention she coordinates everything on the show from the outfit to the Kitchen Aid. It’s my everyday living sort-of dream. My mixing bowls matching my mixer matching my t-shirt??? I’m sold.

The semi part of the mini cupcakes is a tasty box of confetti cake mix.

The homemade part is this buttercream frosting recipe from Food Network. I didn’t change anything about it and it was off-the-charts delicious so I couldn’t resist sharing.

The cupcakes looked so much prettier before tumbling over in the car and sitting in traffic for nearly an hour to go approximately 5 miles (well, maybe that part was me).

More from the party… delicious veggie platter and scrumptious fruit tray!

To get the recipe, just click the link here, since I didn’t make any modifications.

I will leave you with a couple of tips from my experience…

1. Use a large bowl. Ideally, I would use a stand mixer, if I had one. See tip #2 below and you’ll understand why!

2. If you have to use a hand mixer, don’t use the whisk attachment. At least on my Cuisinart model, the whisk was WAY too flimsy and there was frosting everywhere. Literally, everywhere including the refrigerator 5 feet to the right of me. The regular mixing attachment worked just fine and got it plenty fluffy.

3. This icing keeps very well. I made it on Wednesday and decorated the cupcakes Saturday and it was every bit as fresh and tasty!

Happy mixing, spreading, and licking the bowl clean!