About Me

In the ‘real world’ I’m a CPA practicing at a large public accounting firm in Seattle, Washington. No I do not have a pocket protector or a 10-Key calculator in my back pocket… I like to say I’m working to change the stereotype of public accounting to
more of the ‘cool kid’ thing. I know it is a stretch. I do primarily tax accounting which means you probably won’t get too many posts from me between Mid-January and Mid-April and then again from Mid-August to Mid-September.

In April 2014, I went on a three-month work rotation to our Tokyo, Japan office. See accountants are cool! It has been an unforgettable experience that has increased my love for Japanese food and renewed my love for ramen.

I’ve been a pescetarian since 2008 (or maybe it was 2009). It’s not a social thing, I just don’t handle red meat very well. I don’t eat chicken because I think its boring. I was thinking about starting to eat turkey just recently and the same morning I heard about a salmonella outbreak, I changed my mind. It really is amazing how satisfying and creative food can be, even without meat. I don’t really miss meat, well except for hamburgers and bacon…

The Blog Name: With the help of some creative minds (I am an accountant, remember) I came up with the blog name Ally Cat In the Kitchen based on the fact that all my life… since it was determined my nickname from Allyson would be Ally and I happened to like cats, I have been called Ally Cat. Since this is going to be primarily about my cooking adventures in my small apartment kitchen, the title seemed to fit. I hope you enjoy the blog and start to take some cooking adventures of your own.

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is awesome, Ally cat. I might add that your two year old “preschool teacher is the one who gave you that nick name initially. You just kind of morphed into being a cat lover from that and of course you come by it naturally since your mother would pretty much have a zoo if she had the time and space! And Oliver is my grand-kitty after all. He is the cutest, smartest, funniest cat ever and I know how he likes to be around you so I don’t doubt that he is in the kitchen when you are at all!

  2. love it. and glad you grew into the cat thing and out of the purple phase of early 1990s. your the coolest CPA i know fo’ sure. (i hear thats cool kid slang these days)

  3. I loved the Red Lentil Coconut Curry Soup!. Served it for company and everyone loved it and asked for the recipe. ( I directed them to your blog) I will definitely make it again!

  4. Hi Ally – Kate and I are enjoying your ‘recipe’ for success in the blog world. Kate is going to try a few (if not all of) your culinary offerings. We enjoyed seeing you again, your family and, of course Nanny and Olly Cat. Where were these cookies last week?!!

  5. Dude. Your blog RAWKS. I mean, you have some serious writing talent…and cooking talent, photography talent, the list goes on! It was so SO wonderful seeing you guys and I hope to do it again very soon. I just love that part of my family (actually a lot of it) is from non-blood relation like you guys. People who I share such special memories with, who make my world a happy place and who I love to pieces.

    I hope you have an OK week back to reality…and happy blogging!! I’ll be following you (insert creepy stalker voice). 😉 Hugs and stuff!


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