Cup Noodles and Hydrangeas

This past weekend was filled with Cup Noodles and Hydrangeas… as the title clearly suggests.
Saturday I went with two co-workers to Yokohama to visit the Cup Noodles museum.

I really enjoyed Yokohama. It was about a 50 minute train ride from Tokyo. Once you are there it feels much more “residential”. Everything is a little more spread out and roomy and the view from the bay isn’t too shabby either.

Instant Ramen was invented in Japan in 1958 by a guy named Momofuko Ando, a cute old man. He spent months in his tiny shed trying to find a way to enjoy delicious ramen witout taking so much time. In preparation of the trip, I had Cup Noodles for dinner a few nights beforehand. I am completely serious when I say, I forgot how delicious it is! I have since had Cup Noodles for dinner on more than one occasion. I can’t get enough. And if you’re concerned about my salt intake, don’t worry – the trick is not to drink all the broth.

One of the best parts about the museum is the My Cup Noodles Factory  where you get to decorate your own bowl and choose your flavors. It was so much fun. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

This photo is all of the finished soups before being packaged and shrink wrapped. I chose kimchi (!), corn, green beans, and fish cakes with a seafood base.


After they seal it, you get to put it in this weird blow-up packaging that you can then wear as a necklace. I’ve never felt so cool…


On Sunday afternoon after church, I met up with a different co-worker to go to the Hakusan Shrine to catch the last day of the hydrangea festival. It was a warm one with the sun shining but the flowers were beautiful!

There were so many varieties that I had never seen. There was also a jazz band playing in the garden and had there been a place to sit, I would have plopped down and just enjoyed the music the rest of the day.


Time has been going by so fast and I now have less than 5 weeks left before I arrive back in Seattle and only 4 weeks until I leave Japan for Hong Kong.

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