Half-Yearly Favorites

Since it’s now over half-way through the year, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite things as of late (both food and non-food related).

Here’s 5 things that might just make your life a little better, like they did mine….

1) Fage Greek Yogurt with Fruit (pronounced Fa-yeh!)

This stuff is unreal, it is so good. I have to have it every morning. I mean it. If I don’t, the whole day is out of whack. It’s got the protein to get you going and keep you full, it’s slightly sweet, and just plain good.

They sell the variety pack at Costco and it’s the best price around. I usually buy 2- 12 packs at a time…. I told you, I have to have it!

2) Vitamins… the gummy variety. (Vitafusion brand)

I have never been so calcium filled in my life. These gummies are so good, you will swear you are eating candy.

They have the multi-vitamin version as well. Obviously, I eat those too. They have 10-30 calories for 2… I just pretend its zero. But in all seriousness, I read a news article just recently that discussed the absorption ratios between the vitamin varieties. With vitamins in pill form absorption is about 10-20% and Gummy vitamins are close to 50%! ( I don’t know if this is exact science but you can digest it better and what’s more… no upset stomach!)

It just so happens, I also get them at Costco*, even though I have seen them around at other stores, their price can’t be beat.

* This is not a Costco endorsed blog post, I swear.

3) Morning Quiet Time and Bible Study

MUST also involve a nice hot mug of coffee…

After my Bible study ended in May, I knew I needed something else to help me keep my routine of being in the Word daily. My aunt recommended Charles Stanley’s In Touch magazine. It’s a monthly magazine that has short daily readings with commentary and one longer 15-20 minute study AND it’s free. Just go to the In Touch website and sign up. (You will get the occasional mailing asking for donations, but it’s worth it.)

4) Amazon Mp3 store

Recently I was looking to buy a few albums online and remembered my mom had given me an Mp3 CD from Amazon so I thought I’d check out what they had before purchasing on iTunes. I am so glad I did. There are daily deals and I found most of what I was looking for priced at around $5… and that’s the whole CD!

…And I was looking on Friday and the daily deal was Justin Bieber – Believe for $1.99. You’re darn right I bought it… I just can’t shake this fever… Bieber Fever.

The best part, once you launch the download, it automatically goes into your iTunes. Bam.

Here’s some of what I’m loving to listen to at the moment:

Luke Bryan – Drunk on You – Tailgates & Tanlines – It’s my unofficial-official song and album of summer. (or is it official-unofficial? You know what I mean.)

Blind Pilot – Keep You Right – We Are the Tide- This is a recent addition, it’s a little Indie and I can’t take credit for ‘discovering’ them but this Portland based group just makes good music. It is the perfect background music during a mundane day at work.

Florence and the Machine – the entire Ceremonials album – If you ever have the chance to see her live, you have to go. It may just be one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I didn’t think this was possible but she sounds even better live than on CD.

Josh Abbott Band – Some good ol’ Texas country, enough said. Oh and he has some amazing duets from all of his albums including Good Night for Dancing and Oh, Tonight.

One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful – It’s my guilty pleasure. Let’s leave it at that.

5) Shhhhooooooeeeessss (aka: Kicks, Sneaks, etc.)

Back in the early 00’s, I had a shoe obsession. It died out a little as I started running more and more and found it more and more difficult to find shoes that were comfortable. Well… it’s back.

I got 2 pairs of these Nike Free 5.0 at the Nordstrom anniversary sale (the other pair is purple). It feels like I’m wearing slippers.  The first wear for these bad boys was at the Florence and the Machine concert and I could have danced all night.

The sale goes through August 5th.* Just in case your interested.

*This is also NOT a paid Nordstrom advertisement.

Can’t wait to see what the last half of the year brings!

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