Simple Spicy Taco Salad

Saturday I ran a 5k with some of my best friends…

5k=3.something miles

I do it all the time. Ok, hold-up, I used to do it all the time. Well this time, it felt like I completed a half marathon. I blame it on the hills I’m not used to running.

The reality is, I need to get into better running shape… and maybe eat some more salads and nothing beats a simple, spicy, taco salad.

I feel more fit already. Amazing what some leafy greens can do! I’m doing squats as I type!!! (slight hyperbole, I can barely chew gum and walk)

One reason salads are so great, you can be creative. With a taco salad, I usually do a spicy creamy dressing (recipe below), avocado, tomato, olives, and beans (not shown since 5 doesn’t make a square).

I also really like to put shredded cheese on top but it turns into a “You want some salad with that cheese?” situation. I try not to keep it readily available at my apartment… I think I’m addicted.

As always, anything Mexican inspired is best served with chips… AND salsa. The blue corn chips above are the baked blue tortilla  chips from Trader Joe’s. Delicious and healthy.


Here’s how to do it:

Taco Salad

Avocado, diced

Tomato, diced

Black Olives, sliced

Romaine Lettuce, 2 Hearts will feed 4-5 people


For the Beans:

1 Can Black Beans (rinsed and drained)

1 tbsp. Taco Seasoning

Heat the beans in a pan with the taco seasoning on medium-low. Add a few teaspoons of water to thin out after putting in the taco seasoning. Heat for 5 minutes or so, until hot.

For the Dressing:

Adapted from Cooking Light

2/3 C. Sour Cream

1/4 tsp. Cayenne

1 tsp. Chili Powder

1 tsp. Cumin

4 tsp. fresh Lime Juice

1 small can Diced Green Chiles (The original recipe had a chipotle chili in Adobo sauce but I didn’t have any. I love green chiles and it ended up being a great substitute.)

1/4 tsp. Salt

Combine all ingredients together and let sit in the refrigerator for an hour so the spices and flavors meld. It is a thicker dressing but if you think it is a little too thick, you can thin it out with just a little bit of milk or water.

To serve, I think making individual plates is the best way to go. Everyone can get as much or as little of everything as they want.

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