California… Knows How to Party

California… Knows how to partaay. In the citaay of L.A.

Me and TuPac. Doin’ our thing in sunny CA…

Sometimes I drift into moments where I think I’m a hip-hop/rap mogul. Pardon me…

Leading up to my trip to Texas, I spent a few days in Southern California (LA, San Diego and La Jolla).

I went down with a good friend of mine who was also looking for a break from Seattle and an extra dose of vitamin D. It was only the second time I had ever planned a trip and travelled with someone besides my family. There is always risk involved when you surround yourself with the same people for an extended period of time AND you’re women…  but good news… we are still friends!!! We have some good stories together now too!

Here’s a few quick shots from the trip.

Nutella Crepe with Strawberries and Bananas from the Farmer’s market. Such good variety, prices and taste we had to go back twice. The first time I had Queso Fundido from Loteria Grill. Also to die for.

Griffith Park and Observatory. One of my favorite places in LA. I could have stayed there all day, above the city (and the smog), just hiking all over.

I don’t see my shadow very often. I had to take a photograph. This will probably be the last as it’s highly unflattering, Jessie and Kathy were meant for shadow photos… me? not so much…

I’m a museum nerd so Jessie appeased me and we went to the Getty Center. It was beautiful and so California. The grounds were as spectacular as the art.

Sprinkles cupcakes really are some of the best I have ever had. And you can buy a “shot” of frosting, the best and worst I have felt all in one day. One of those stomach to brain conversations “Brain, I know how sugar makes you happy but this is getting out of hand. XOXO, Stomach.” Needless to say we had a light dinner.

I love marine mammals, including these seals on Children’s Pool beach in La Jolla. They’re the grit your teeth and try not to run up and squeeze them, unbearable kind of cute.

The second day in LA we had one of Jessie’s (and now my :)) friends, Kathy, take us around the city. We made a pit stop in Chinatown where I was mesmerized by these HUGE cinnamon sticks at a grocery store. Can you believe it?!?

Venice Beach was beautiful and quite the experience. I passed on the multiple offers to have a “doctor” examine me for a medical marijuana license.

Sun + Sand = Perfection

It had been quite some time since I’d been to California and experiencing the culture at different stage of life was fun and exciting. We walked away with a light tan and the sun even warmly welcomed us back to the Emerald city.

4 thoughts on “California… Knows How to Party

  1. From the pics I can tell you had a glorious time. So glad you are traveling and seeing so many different parts of the country. The weather in California looks beautiful….

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