Owl Miss You…

To my huge group of dedicated followers… don’t freak out. This isn’t the end.

I’m just going on this thing called vacation. It’s where you do things that don’t include working 10-12 hours a day. So, I’ll be out for a couple of weeks… Southern Cali with a great friend for a few days and then off to Texas for my sister’s best friend’s wedding and a ton of family fun time. I can’t wait. And it’s all going to be over 70 degrees and sunny. Whoop.

While I’m out, I might try to give you all a couple quick shots from my travels but otherwise… here’s a fun project for you to try!

I have resisted pinterest thus far in life but I did use it to find a cute owl craft to make for a friend’s birthday. I think it’s a great website… really, I do… I just don’t think I should make another commitment in my life that involves me being on the computer. I’ve got work, facebook, The Pioneer Woman, Joy the Baker, and a host of other blogs to keep me busy enough.

The original template comes from Juicy-Bits. She gives a good list of everything you need but I have it at the end too.

Disclaimer: This can only be for personal use. ie: Don’t try to make a killing off felt owls.

I modified the template to take it from ornament size to decorative pillow size. If you want the template I created, just let me know and I can email it to you. I would love for you to try it!

Start by tracing the pattern onto the felt color of your choice. Then cut out all of the pieces to get ready to sew.

For the Belly feathers, I just tacked the ric rac on in a few spots along the belly using the same color thread as the ric-rac so it didn’t show too much.

Once you’ve added the ric-rac to the belly, start stitching everything else together. You’re stitches don’t have to be perfect and you can do any style of stitch you’d like.

Crafts with Cats and string add a new level of complexity… oh and the minor freak-out every time I misplaced the needle and thought he ate it. Thankfully, I finished with all the needles accounted for, both for the sake of my cat and the potential $1,000 vet bill.

After you’ve distracted the cat long enough to stitch all the pieces of the front of the owl together, just start stitching the back onto the front in the same way as the other stitches.

When you’ve almost sewed the whole thing together, stop, and start to stuff with the poly-fill. Make sure to push it up into the ears and get to the level of puff that you want before finishing the last few stitches. Just tie the string with a small knot on the back of the owl and it’s ready for nesting in any place you choose.

Doesn’t that chair look so much more appealing with this little guy hanging out there?!

Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

Felt (multiple colors – whatever you prefer), Filler (Poly-fill), Ric-Rac, Embroidery Thread (that’s the light blue stitching above), Black Buttons, Button Thread (Black and whatever other color matches closely to the ric-rac color), 2 Needles (1 that works for each thread type). And a few hours of free time.


6 thoughts on “Owl Miss You…

  1. Is there anything you can’t do?! Of course not! You are a Moore-Turner! Love you and traveling mercies and a heart full of His Joy! AM

    • Hi Kate! I’m glad you like it, I will definitely get the template scanned in for you! I won’t have access to a scanner until Thursday but will do it first thing Thursday morning! I have you’re email from the post and it looks like its “@ymail.com”. Is that correct? I just want to make sure it isn’t a typo! 🙂

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